Elevating Vegan Health & Fitness Together!

Published 9 August 2023

We are thrilled to announce that Vegan Easy and Plant Forged Physique have joined forces in an exciting partnership that will redefine the way we approach vegan health and fitness.

By working together, you can say goodbye to any misconceptions about veganism limiting athletic prowess; and learn that compassionate choices and peak performance can coexist harmoniously.

A Perfect Match: Vegan Easy and Plant Forged Physique

As more people turn to a plant-based diet to improve their health and fitness, there is the need to empower individuals and athletes to achieve those fitness goals while staying true to their compassionate, ethical principles.

As a trusted authority, Vegan Easy is known for its commitment to guiding people towards plant-based living through a diverse range of approaches, including setting goals, nutrition basics, access to comprehensive resources, ‘how-to’ advice, recipe ideas, meal plans, advocacy, and more. We firmly believe that a well-balanced, fully plant-based diet not only benefits animals and the environment, but is also key to optimal fitness performance.

Caitlin Adler of Plant Forged Physique

Plant Forged Physique is the leading health and fitness retailer and coaching support specialising in vegan sports supplements, apparel, gear and equipment, and expert nutrition coaching.

Their unwavering dedication to providing high-quality, cruelty-free fitness solutions aligns perfectly with our shared values. And together, we have a united commitment to empower vegans, fitness enthusiasts, and aspiring athletes worldwide to reach new heights in their plant-based health and wellness journey.

Supporting Vegan Health & Fitness

With Plant Forged Physique, you can get access to expert knowledge and curated vegan-speciality products designed to help you smash through barriers.

You can trust that every product offered is highest quality, evidence-backed, and free from animal-derived ingredients, and has been vetted to align with their high values and standards.

And to celebrate, you can now save 10% on all Plant Forged Physique products when you sign up to our 30-day Challenge. We will send you the discount code. Receive free support and guidance from us to help you achieve your goal, and use the product discount to help you redefine fitness, break stereotypes, and celebrate the boundless potential of plant-based living.

About Plant Forged Physique

Plant Forged Physique is the leading online vegan retailer for specialty plant-based supplements, apparel, equipment, resources, and coaching services. They seek to empower individuals to achieve their health and fitness goals without compromising on quality or ethics. Powered by Plants, Inside & Out. For more information, visit www.plantforgedphysique.com or follow us on Instagram or Facebook @PlantForgedPhysique

Disclaimer: The Vegan Easy and Plant Forged Physique partnership is not financial but purely motivated by a genuine desire to bring a quality service to the attention of our audience. Caitlin Adler of Plant Forged Physique is a regular contributor to articles on Vegan Easy about vegan fitness, nutrition and health, in her capacity as an accredited sports nutritionist.


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