The Ultimate Vegan Pavlova

Celebrate Christmas with kindness with Zacchary Bird’s fabulous vegan pavlova!

We teamed up with Zacchary Bird and Edgar’s Mission to create this fun video in which Zac shows how to make his scrumptious Fablova, just in time for a kind Christmas!

Filmed at the beautiful Edgar’s Mission Farm Sanctuary, the award-winning cookbook author and innovative vegan chef demonstrates step-by-step how to create the best vegan pavlova you’ve ever had.

“If your experience with vegan pavlova has been a crusty meringue with coconut cream on top, I’m here to show you how to do the real deal.” ~ Zac

Instead of egg whites, fabulously versatile aquafaba is used to make the meringue crusts and the soft filling! Zac also shares some helpful tips to ensure you make the most gorgeous pavlova that will wow all your Christmas guests.

Zacchary Bird, Pam Ahern and friends at Edgar’s Mission

Make sure to watch to the very end for some special guest cameos in the final scene!

The full recipe:

Fablova (Vegan Pavlova)

"Pavlova is an Australian and Kiwi classic comprising a silky-soft filling and meringue-like crust, topped with whipped cream and fruit that's perfect for Christmas. If your experience of vegan pavlova has been a brick of meringue hidden under coconut cream, you've been wronged and you must try this truer-to-life version instead." Recipe extracted from Vegan Junk Food by Zacchary Bird.

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