My name is Miriam, and I’m a 24 year old Norwegian living in Melbourne.

I spend most of my time cooking up vegan recipes in my kitchen, unless I’m out looking for cute dogs or brunching.

4 Recipes by Miri

Raspberry “Bubblegum” Overnight Oats

Here’s a simple and easy-to-make breakfast, reminiscent of the bubblegum colour, to get your day started. Recipe by Miri.

Corn Fritters with Smoky Avocado Crème and Salsa

Craving for fritters? Try these corn fritters dressed in a delectable avocado crème plus salsa. Recipe from Meals by Miri.

Pumpkin Overnight Oat Parfait

This versatile little recipe and handy comfort food by Miri can be for breakfast, brunch or a snack in between meals.

One Pot Yellow Daal

This warming daal is easy to prepare and perfect for a night in. Recipe by our guest blogger Miri.