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About the 30 Day Vegan Easy Challenge

If you’ve ever thought about becoming vegan, here’s your chance to try out living a healthy, compassionate life, with 30 days of support to guide you.

  1. Save the Lives of Animals
  2. Experience Better Health
  3. A much Lighter Eco-Footprint

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What Does it Mean to be Vegan?

At its heart, veganism is about treating all others the way you’d like to be treated yourself.

Everyone, regardless of race, gender, age, sexuality, ability or species wants the freedom to live a full life. Animals may be different from us, but they are no less deserving of our consideration as living beings.

Being vegan doesn’t just provide adequate nutrition, it’s actually better for you!

A fully plant-based diet excludes all animal products including meat, fish, dairy, eggs and honey as well as other more hidden animal ingredients such as gelatin. We encourage you to switch to cruelty free products in all areas of your life, including personal care, beauty, fashion and household products.

What people are saying

Thank you, my blood pressure was off the chart. Instead of the prescribed pills with side effects including dizziness and unsteady gait, I switched to vegan. Now after 10 weeks, my blood pressure is normal and life is a breeze. P.S. I am a healthy robust 85 year old.
Jim W, Australia
I joined the November Challenge - my first vegan experience. And I LOVED it! So much easier than I was expecting. I've seen changes (positive) in my health... psoriasis is cleared up, more energy. I even spent less at the grocery store. So I'm back!!
Lynn E, Germany
I really like the website, I like how it covers all aspects of being vegan, especially when it talks also about vegan families. I think this is really important because this could be considered the hardest part of continuing to be vegan.
Rhiannon S, VIC, Australia
Well done! I found your approach better than other vegan challenges.
Amanda A, WA, Australia
I loved the nutritional content emails you sent at the beginning. Can't wait to see what you do next year ;)
Joe G, VIC, Australia
I found the challenge to be fantastic. It has set me on the vegan path for good. I feel healthier and happier. Thank you for showing me the way.
Phillippa S, VIC, Australia
I loved the emails and read them every day. Very helpful information. I felt very supported.
Stefanie B, Germany
Thank you so much for making it a much easier transition with your encouraging emails.
Alison Z, WA, Australia
It was a great prompt to trial a vegan diet. I found it much much easier than I expected, I've thoroughly enjoyed my meals this month and I'm going to continue this lifestyle and expand to other areas e.g. avoiding animal products in clothing.
Ket S, NSW, Australia
I loved the emails. I've always wanted to go vegan and I think if I didnt sign up for the 30 day challenge I couldn't of achieved that.
Danika G, NSW, Australia
Thank you for helping me to begin my journey as a vegan. I feel so much better, healthier and happier eating this way, and I really appreciate your support in getting me to this point.
Erin V, South Africa
The entire experience was really eye opening, my husband and I are glad we did it and now happy to continue on the vegan journey thanks to the great start we had with the program.
Kate A, NSW, Australia
Love the website, easy to navigate and so much useful info.
Megan G, Singapore
Thanks for the support to complete this challenge :) It has definitely made me contemplate my food choices and how they affect my life and the lives of animals. I have learned a lot!
Ellie S, New Zealand
Extremely useful emails. It was like getting the right information at the right time. Cravings came, got an email that informed me about that exact craving and redirected that craving to include the New Reward *neurologically* (reward center changed).
Gayle S, VIC, Australia
I looked forward to each day's email. It was interesting to read new ideas/research. Some I already knew. And receiving new recipes was the best.
Yvonne E, VIC, Australia
I started with much enthusiasm and this continued right along. The emails every day kept me on track and shopping/cooking was fun and easy.
Jackie B, TAS, Australia
I appreciate having a place to go to feel like I’m part of a community! Keep up the good work!
Meg K, United States
I was already vegan. I just wanted to sign up to support the whole vegan movement. But I did get my brother and his girlfriend to go vegan.
Landan M, WI, United States
Learned a lot about different vegan products and how to cook them. Found the supermarkets stock more than I knew of vegan products.
Natalie S, SA, Australia
This was the second time I took and completed the challenge, so thank you again. I really enjoyed it.
Kelly K, Greece
I feel healthier and lighter and more peaceful and that’s a very good thing in anyone’s book. Cheers.
Jo N, VIC, Australia
I was vegetarian for over 5 years and had the cheese love-hate relationship going. So finally I found a reason to really give up all dairy by doing the November Challenge. I can now positively say that I'm cured from all savage cravings, haha.
Amanda R, South Africa
It was a great opportunity to learn new recipes, learn all the beneficial properties of vegan nutrition, meet like-minded people, I am very pleased. Thank you all very much!
Ollie M, TAS, Australia

What to Expect

The Vegan Easy Team will guide you with informative daily emails, suggested meals from our delicious, dietitian-approved 30 day menu and helpful vegan tips.

Check out our Recipe library – it’s filled with easy meal ideas that will tempt and inspire you.


This website is a comprehensive online guide designed to help you. It includes:


For our Aussie and international participants or those travelling outside Australia check out:

  • – a free social impact app where people share and review their favourite vegan restaurants and products. Each review generates up to $1USD that can be donated to one of abillion’s global impact partners, including Animal Liberation Victoria. Plus, if you sign up with our invitation code “ANIMALLIBERATIONVIC” you will additionally receive $1USD impact credit.
  • – online service listing veg & vegan restaurants and stores from around the world
  • – our own Vegan Travel Guide listing recommended eateries at select travel destinations


Vegan Easy was founded in 2009 as an initiative of Animal Liberation Victoria.
Since 2021, we are proud to be official partners with charity Vegan Australia.

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