Congratulations to the winners of the Oct-Nov 2012 Vegan Easy Challenge!
Read about their experiences while on the Challenge...

Australian Capital Territory

Winner: Philip Agius
Prize: $50 voucher from Vegan Perfection

"What a difference a month makes! … my whole body just feels like ...' yep this is how it feels to be free'. For the first time in years, nope - all my life - that sharp, biting, gnawing anxiety, that has kept my voice from smiling in everyday exchanges with friends and colleagues shine. Don’t tell me I won’t lose the belly fat - I know I will. … I KNOW I am going to have a great Christmas break … can’t wait to try all the recipes I have been looking at on Vegan Easy and re-organise my kitchen with the tools that make munching flora so easy.”

New South Wales

Winner: Verity McLellan
Prize: $50 voucher from The Cruelty Free Shop

 "I found making a 30 day commitment an ideal way to make changing my diet achievable. It took away the grey line and made it clear. I was able to walk past foods and know they were not an option. It caused me to think about what I cooked, how I shopped and the person I wished to be. I have made lovely food and enjoyed trying new recipes and discovering all the amazing vegan chefs and cooks out there. I feel like I am eating healthier and doing the right thing.
It was a great opportunity to share veganism with my friends too and cook them vegan food. My husband and kids are thriving on it and my 11 year old wishes to be vegan now too.”


Winner: Melinda Toraya
Prize: $50 voucher from The Green Edge

"I enjoyed discovering the new tastes and variety of the vegan diet. My trip to Loving Hut tantalised my taste buds and I have felt happy and healthy throughout my 30 day challenge. It has made me think twice and read labels more closely. … I don’t feel I missed out on anything as the replacement products have been as good as, if not better than some of the mainstream type products. I love the Tofutti cream cheese and my son loved the mushroom filo! My husband has even admitted he could go 'vegan' and scrambled the chilli non carne.
All in all it has been a worthwhile and timely challenge for me. I will be expanding my cookbook range with Vegan ones now and am looking forward to my 'mock' roast for Christmas! Thank you for the website resource it was definitely a help and I will continue to use it as a resource in my learning journey.”

South Australia

Winner: Jude Webster
Prize: $50 voucher from Vegan Online

"I’ve been vegetarian for 20 years but love cheese. … I very much enjoyed some of the products I tried and switched to some permanently. e.g. I’m on the soy milk & Nuttlex still. I tried some cheese substitutes and quite liked the fake cheddars I found. Don’t care much for nutritional yeast I’m afraid.
Things I enjoyed baking - a version of vegan Anzacs with added nuts and apricots, a chocolate cake (made twice), banana bread, and an upside down apricot cake which fell apart but tasted ace! I made my own pasta with wonton wrappers and Tofutti "better than cream cheese” as filling. I ate a lot of mushrooms, tofu and tempeh which I love. I invented a lot of recipes I didn’t write down. My vegan pancakes were actually not too bad!”


Winner: Hayley-Rose Burgess
Prize: $50 voucher from Vegan Perfection

"I was more than excited to start the Vegan Easy Challenge; going vegan was something that I had thought about before and this challenge gave me the confidence and knowledge I needed to really succeed in such a lifestyle choice. Before taking the 30 day challenge, I was in recovery for Anorexia and three weeks into the Vegan Easy Challenge I felt healthier, happier and was no longer iron deficient. I felt excited to prepare food and get in the kitchen and cook for the ones I loved. It was not only a profound experience to feel completely cruelty free but it was also I massive step in recovery and healing. I am positive it is a change for life.”

Western Australia

Winner: Chloe Western
Prize: $50 voucher from UPROAR!

"It's had its ups and downs... at times it has been tricky finding something to eat while on-the-go or finding the time to prepare a delicious vegan meal at home. But all in all, my journey towards becoming vegan has been enlightening. I have had the opportunity to experiment with new ingredients and try new recipes, I have been able to become more educated with regards to how to incorporate veganism into more than just my diet, and I have made a few new friends along the way. I would recommend the Challenge to everyone!”