Start Now Vegan Easy Challenge Winner!
June 2012

Thank you to all who submitted entries to the prize draw for a 2-night mid-week stay at the Bed and Broccoli.

The winner of our recently launched Start Now Challenge is:
Emma Macpherson
(pictured right).

About Emma

I participated in the 30 Day Vegan Easy Challenge as I had been torn for quite some time over the decisions I was making and the lifestyle I was leading as a meat/dairy/egg consumer. I love animals and was becoming more and more uncomfortable with consuming them. I had done some research and was extremely upset with everything I was finding in relation to factory farming and how the animals were treated. I was also concerned about the environmental effects and to an extent, my health - I have kidney stones which are exacerbated by animal protein. At just 24 I am very young to have kidney stones and I questioned - could my diet be the cause?

Emma's Prize Winning Entry

I did not find it difficult at all preparing and cooking vegan meals for myself! Vegan cooking for me is enjoyable, exciting, tasty and nutritious! I veganised some dishes such as making a vegan Moussaka with pine nut and silken tofu "cream" and experimented with some new dishes - such as Chana Masala (a chickpea dish) I had never cooked before. I also discovered vegan baking and made lots of new treats - vanilla bean and chocolate ganache cucpakes, orange and cranberry muffins and lots more!

I have found only benefits from switching to the vegan diet. I sleep better and am calmer. My eczema on my hands and the Keratosis Pilaris on my arms have improved dramatically! I have also noticed a small amount of weight loss.

I am peaceful in my life knowing that I am not contributing to the pain and suffering of sentient beings - I feel like I am finally living my life according to my beliefs of our fellow animals.

I plan on continuing my vegan diet - and this will also encompass other areas of my life - from what I wear to what beauty/cleaning products I use - none have animal products in them and are not tested on animals.

For me, the number one reason why I decided to undertake the Vegan Easy Challenge and become vegan is for the animals. During and after this challenge, I was and am becoming more aware of the issues they face and am going to use my voice to raise awareness and help them!